Past Meeting – Clocks With Wooden Wheels

Mike Flannery Clocks With Wooden Wheels

This well attended meeting was amply rewarded by Mike’s good humoured and well-researched talk illustrated with examples of clocks and how the gears were made.

Note was first made that there was no evidence of wooden wheeled clocks before Harrison who was after all descended from wheelwrights. Other early references were to Hooke, the possibly unsung genius who copied a metal clock in wood when in his early teens and to Berthold. The more commonly found Black Forest clocks were discussed together with the possible meaning of the scratch marks found on them.

Furthermore the less obvious origins of American (from English/European clockmaker?), Swiss, Flemish and Scandinavian were illustrated. Quaker origins were highlighted with a probable explanation of there demise due to the closed nature of the Quaker community which precluded innovation.

The close connection between peddlers and wooden clocks was explained as a means of marketing. To wet our appetites for more Mike guided us in the direction of Witney National Trust and Snows Hill Manor.

Presented May 2016