Past Meeting – January 2019 – AGM

Minutes of the 33rd Milton Keynes BHI Branch AGM 24th January 2019

20 people were present.

1. Apologies
Bernard Bailey; Norman Bartholomew; Bob Clayton; Alex Floyd; Bob Hancock; Richard Headford; Tim Henderson; Nigel Platt; Keith Stroud; Martin Towlson;

2. Minutes of the previous AGM
These were circulated and accepted, no questions were raised.

3. Chairman’s Report.
David Eyton-Williams read his detailed report of the year’s events, précis below.

  • His 4th year as chairman went smoothly (mostly).
  • During the year founder member Colin Wooding’s wife had passed away shortly following Colin. The branch had prepared an obituary to Colin which was included in the BHI Journal in the April issue.
  • This year John Mobbs, Alistair Pollard, John Taylor and Alex Floyd have stepped down from the committee; thanks were expressed by all for their long service and hard work.
  • Last year’s program proved to be popular despite some non-horological topics. We have nearly a full program of speakers arranged for 2019. The program will be circulated a little late this year as two slots await confirmation.
  • Given the slight improvement in our finances over the last year, charges will remain unchanged. There had been discussion in committee about an annual membership fee but this was deemed to be too complicated given the mix of members and non-members and being a combination of both BHI and Milton Keynes Clock and Watch Club.
  • Our stand at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition (MMEE) was widely praised. David Fieldhouse was given credit for his stand and organisation.
  • Brian Noble at BHI has been notably more supportive of branches than his predecessors and has visited us twice, once to branch and once to the MMEE.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Balance this year £2199.36 (£2087.34)

Average attendance this year 24.9 (23.9)

The accounts were accepted, Proposed by Richard Edwards and seconded by Bob Aldridge.

5. Secretary’s Report.

Alistair Pollard gave a short speech in which he said it was 14 years since he took on the role and was standing down to let someone younger take over. He will continue to be our branch Rep. at the BHI in Newark which he quite enjoys, for which he was thanked.

6. Election of Officers

The Chairman stood down temporarily and Bob Whitehurst took the gavel for the Election of Officers. It was noted that Bob Whitehurst had approached both Tim Henderson and Bob Clayton and both had agreed to join the committee if elected.

Role Nominee Proposed Seconded
President Bob Whitehurst x x
Chairman David Eyton-Williams Derrick Hull Jack Welling
Vice-Chairman David Fieldhouse David Eyton-Williams Tony Saunders
Treasurer Nigel Davis Bob Aldridge Alistair Pollard
Auditor Bob Whitehurst Nigel Davis John Taylor
Secretary x x x
Speaker Secretary x x x
Librarian Nigel Davis Alistair Pollard John Mobbs


Bob Aldridge

Bob Clayton

Nigel Davis

Tim Henderson

John Taylor John Mobbs

7. Exhibition Report

David Fieldhouse volunteered to manage our stand at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition again this year. He had been approached by the organisers to run a stand at Alexandra Palace but declined.

8. Website development

Bob Aldridge reported the website is kept up to date but has had few visitors. It needs more members to register and Bob appealed for more content, which could include videos. Applications registered online will be reviewed by Bob Aldridge.

Please visit to register.

17. Reports for BHI journal.

Nobody volunteered. Alistair Pollard offered to send a copy of the report in the “Model Engineer” on our stand at the MMEE. David Eyton-Williams would send a copy of the Branch Programme to BHI directly it was completed with a request to publish same in the BHI Journal.

18. Outing.

This was deferred for a future meeting but it was noted that there had been a number of highly successful previous outings.

19. Rita Mobbs was presented with an Orchid plant in appreciation for her providing refreshments during the year.

The meeting closed at 8.52pm.