Past Meeting – Restoration of a bracket clock

Sid Lines: Restoration of a bracket clock

Our speaker had purchased the clock; a two train repeater, at auction as a “box of bits”, photographs of which showed the clock to be in a pretty sorry state with most of the front plate pieces missing. Sid conveyed to the audience a clear understanding of the balance between restoration and conservation. A detailed study of the clock and its existing parts was made initially to seek the clues and guidance for the making of the required parts. This included noting the finesse of the finish, collet design, gauge of steel, position of existing holes, screw conformation etc. Each of these enabling him to make parts as close as possible to the originals but which would be clearly marked as being from his hand.

The drawings made before the start of the project were discussed. Details of the making of the parts the followed. He had taken into consideration the practicalities of the old clockmakers and Sid was refreshingly candid about mistakes made along the way. His highlighting of clock repairers past and present crude and unnecessary marking of strike and going trains gave everyone food for thought! A final description of his case restoration concluded a most interesting evening.

Presented April 2016