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Please call Bob Whitehurst (01832 272444) for prices which will certainly be less than the dealers!
Millers Buyers Guide ; Wristwatches
Millers Buyers Guide : Clocks & Barometers
The Illustrated Longitude; Sobel & Andrewes
Carriage Clocks; Allix & Bonnert
The Longcase Clock; Tom Robinson
Amazing Clocks; Derek Roberts
American Watchmaking; Harrold
Samuel Roberts, Clockmaker: Pryce & Davies
Bedfordshire Clock & Watchmakers; Pickford
Cardiff Clocks; Linnard
Clock Wheel & Pinion Cutting; Wild
Principles & Explanations of Timekeepers by Harrison, Arnold & Earnshaw; BHI
The Clock & Watchmakers of Buckinghamshire; Legg
Working Time; Manor House Museum, Bury St Edmonds
A Time Capsule Omega Speedmaster Kesaharu Imai
The Tavern Clock MartinGatto
Jonas Barber, Clockmaker of Winster BW Cave-Browne-Cave
The Georgian Bracket Clock 1714-1830  Richard C.R. Barder