Informational Pages and Members’ Projects

Polishing screws and nuts

By Roger Castle-Smith

A short description of methods used to achieve a very high quality finish on screws and nuts used in the horological industry. Originally published in the BHI Journal.

Peter J R Steynor Hooded Wall Clock Manual

Compiled by David Steynor

This manual contains all the information needed to maintain, service and set the Peter J R Steynor Hooded Wall Clock.

Protecting electrical contacts in clocks

By Roger Castle-Smith

I have been asked, several times, about the protection of electrical contacts in clocks across a broad range, for example Synchronome, pre-electronic bedside alarm clocks and old car clocks. Without protection they can soon become pitted through sparking which leads to bad time keeping or total failure.

Constructing a Scissors Clock


A box of bits bought as part of a job lot

It wasn’t until 1715 that the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers recognised and sanctioned the taking of female apprentices.