Aspidistra and the Broadcast Group of the Diplomatic Wireless Service including the wartime transmission of black propaganda. Presented by Roger Castle-Smith

This is an online presentation to the Institute of Engineering and Technology on the 8th September. Rogers’ second career after leaving Royal Signals was with the Diplomatic Wireless service. It is scheduled to start at 19:00 on 08 Sep with an estimated run time of 2 hours with a 10  minute comfort break in the middle.  There are 102 PowerPoint slides.  It is roughly 50:50 historical : technical.  It is open to anybody.  He has offered the talk to our members and anybody who is interested needs to register.  Go to  Then navigate to 08 Sep and the rest should be obvious.

Roger Castle-Smith explains: What is Aspidistra ?  This is the name which given to an extremely powerful transmitter set up to transmit Black Propaganda and other subversive content during WWII.  In between times it was used to transmit forces and other programmes.  The name arises because one of the earliest songs transmitted was by Gracie Fields singing The Biggest Aspidistra in the World !