Eureka Clock Restoration

I purchased a non-working Eureka clock from Jean Saunders. This page documents the steps taken to get it working fully

Useful information regarding the restoration of these is available via the book The Eureka Clock by Shenton and on the Dave West Clocks website;

Having stripped out cleaned and oiled the ball bearings on which the balance wheel ran and serviced the going train the next job was the sad state of the silver contact pin. (mm scale)

Instructions for remaking on the above site were simpler than in the Shenton book (perhaps slightly less original) but nevertheless worked first time.

The cotton covered wiring was the next problem but that used by the vintage electric guitar restorers to wire up pickups provided a look-alike and functional solution!

Originally these clocks were driven by a large 1.5 volt “Flag” cell but as can be seen via the next link the clock now runs well off a U2/D cell battery.

The clock keeps good time with the balance rotating nearly 360 degrees as can be seen in the video below.