Committee Meeting Minutes

Milton Keynes Clock Club Committee meeting 10th May 2018.

In attendance.

David Eyton-Williams, Chair. Bob Whitehurst, President. David Fieldhouse, Vice Chair. John Taylor. Nigel Davies, Librarian. Alistair Pollard, Secretary. John Mobbs. Bob Aldridge.

Apologies for absence.

Alex Floyd, Treasurer

Summary of Agenda points discussed.

Action to be taken.
Working together roles.

The concerns caused by misunderstanding of the GDPR document with committee members were discussed. It was made clear that whilst disagreement on any issue was healthy, attacking of individuals was not.

Because of the individual discussions that had place taken prior to this meeting, to a large extent the lines of communication had been cleared and no further action is required.
Club Identity and BHI affiliation.

It was agreed that the Club committee supports a continuing identity with the BHI.

Bob Aldridge made the point that we do not have a LOGO for the Milton Keynes Clock Club and asked the committee to consider what should be done.

Alistair will contact the BHI ASAP to find out the best way to reflect our association with the BHI on both their and our WEB sites.

No firm action was agreed.

However this point and what constitutes a member need to be examined at a future date.


Our requirement to comply with the impending legislation was further discussed, and the draft prepared by Alistair was amended accordingly.

Alistair to amend and distribute the authorisation form and policy document. This will initially be emailed to all members. IMPORTANT TO (USE BCC on email)

When response is known the committee will decide what if any further action is needed.

Club equipment for presentations.

The problem of not having a easy set up and requiring Alex to be the only person to be able to sort out the speaker equipment etc. needs addressing to make it easier and improve the hearing for members.

Screen problems were also discussed.

Nigel to discuss with David Hanna and purchase what is needed.

Bob Aldridge will bring his tape labeller to the next meeting so we can clearly mark the leads.

Alistair to ask Sherrington if we can either jointly or individually get a screen fixed to the ceiling for presentations.

Programme of events.

It is recognised that Alex has for some time been doing a splendid job managing this onerous task. It is very time consuming and he as quite rightly said he need to relinquish this responsibility by April next year. It was agreed that the committee should make every effort to release Alex from this duty from the start of next year.

It is also getting very difficult to find speakers.

Bob Whitehurst will ask members to give talks of their own specialist skills in addition to making better use of Club Video material. It was hoped that all committee members might be able to assist in arranging speakers to help matters. BW to also approach Smith of Derby.
Club outing to Northampton train track.

David Fieldhouse confirmed this is arranged for the THURSDAY JULY 26th. As published in the programme this will be an evening event replacing the July club meeting. This will be at the Northampton Society of Model Engineers.

We have previously agreed to give them a £40 donation for use of the site and locomotive.

DF has organised this event and Alistair has offered to bring has BBQ.

DF will purchase the food.

Directions are on our website.

An update will be given by DF next meeting as it will be necessary to get some idea of the numbers for food.


Alistair requested DEW to send him a copy of the Chairman’s Report prepared for the January 2018 AGM together with a copy of Bob Whitehurst’s ‘Words for Colin’ that he had written at the request of the family.

The committee collectively thanked Nigel Davis for hosting the meeting and Jackie for the excellent cakes.

No additional AOB was raised and the meeting closed.