Books for sale as part of MKCWC meeting on 25th November 2021

Author Book Title & EditionSuggested Sale Price
Barker, DavidArthur Negus Guide to English Clocks. £1.50
Blackwell; Dana J Vienna Regulators of Lenzkirch & Lorenz Bob £15.00
Britten FJWatch & Clock Makers Handbook Dictionary & Guide.
16th Edn revised by Richard Good.
Britten; FWHorological Hints & Helps 4th Edn (Rev)£8
Bruton; EricThe History of Clocks & Watches.£3
Bruton; EricThe Wetherfield Collection of Clocks£12.50
Hunter, JohnClocks – An Illustrated History of Timepieces.£2.00
Jagger; CedricThe World’s Great Clocks & Watches£3.5
Jendritzki; H & Matthey; JPRepairing Antique Pendulum Clocks£25
Reeve; Claude BThe Musical Clock£12.50
Royer-Collard, FBSkeleton Clocks£6
Shenton, Alan & RitaThe Price Guide to Clocks 1840-1940First Ed £7.50
Smith AlanThe Guinness Book of Clocks£4.00
Taylor; VJ & Babb; HAMaking & Repairing Wooden Clock Cases.£7.00
Terwilliger, CharlesThe Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide. 6th Edition.£5.00
Timmins; AlanMaking an Eight Day Longcase Clock£15.00
Tyler, E JohnBlack Forest Clocks£12.50
Wills, Peter BConservation of Clocks & Watches£20.00